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We are a new generation.

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"We are fatherless daughters
entering womanhood
with only half our selves
worshiping the mystique
of masculinity."

from "Lonely Women" by Kysha N. Brown

This poem is for my God,
who I call daddy and who is raising me,
who told me that I am going to have a
hell of a time with the Devil.
But that He will hold on to me and care for me,
and bring me out because
I am deserving of true romance.

This poem is to the women in my life,
I am breaking the cycle.
I feel the weight of your decisions,
and I REFUSE to repeat them.
You are more beautiful than you know, but
You were toothbrushes used to scrub floors.
You gave them what they wanted,
and never expected them to return.
And we are picking up the pieces.

This poem is a warning to the men of my family,
explaining that your children and grandchildren will
resemble you merely in appearance.
And hopefully not that much.

This poem is for my children,
you are going to know your worth.
You are.

We are a new generation,
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